Use a tai chi approach and take it slow

Do you remember the children’s fable about The Tortoise and the Hare? The fast-moving, witty hare challenges the slow and deliberate tortoise to a raImage3ce. The tortoise consistently plods on all day, step after step while the hare races off but quickly loses focus, stops to rest and falls asleep. He consequently loses the race to a much slower opponent.  READ MORE


Flow with the use of circles in your life

‘Go with the flow’ and ‘just let go.’ We’ve probably all heard these expressions many times in our lives but have we been effective in actually ‘going with the flow’? To be sure, it’s not easy all the orange yinyang2time to detach from events that occur in our daily lives whether good or bad. Sometimes the little things are the most difficult to shake off. Even insignificant and silly things can happen and we can’t seem to let go of them.  READ MORE


Put some spice into your tai chi practice

Practice, practice, practice. We’ve all heard that before whether it’s practicing a musical instrument, an athletic pursuit, writing, reading or tai chi.  TherMeandAliya4e is no doubt that it’s important to practice but it should not become a chore or it will become monotonous and more difficult to endure. In other words, we have to figure out ways to make our daily practice interesting and fun while at the same time achieve some small goal or make some small improvement in the process.  READ MORE



Like yin and yang, our nation must change

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, our nation and the world mourns the senseless loss of innocent young children and heroic teachers. We hang our heads in sadness but also in shame. As a united nation, we have a moral obligation to revisit and amend our constitutional right ttwofisheso bear arms. Just as the tai chi two fishes diagram symbolizes balance and change, we must now search for a nonpartisan and expeditious solution to the gun laws in our country.  READ MORE

Health benefits from practicing tai chi

Tai chi offers a great way to open your senses, express your inner energy and exercise all at the same time.

Many people have hImageeard of tai chi or seen it performed on television. Perhaps you have witnessed people practicing tai chi in your local park or maybe you have read about some of the medical and psychological benefits. To be sure, there are many advantages to gain by finding a local class and indulging in a lifelong learning experience that is tai chi.  READ MORE

Apply tai chi principles to your tennis or golf game

The often-heard, over-simplified phrase to describe tai chi is ‘moving meditation.’ In fact, tai chi is a Backhand2_withArrowscomplex, internal Chinese martial art based on seemingly very simple concepts. An emphasis on the word ‘art’ in martial art because defined, it is the quality of expressing oneself according to certain principles. So in other activities such as tennis or golf you learn to use basic movement techniques that utilize the core tai chi principles.  READ MORE


Tai chi ‘cat walking’ for better balance

We can emulate cats by practicing tai chi mindful walking. One of the things that can help us tremendously in maintaining our balance is simple body awareness. In the case of walking, it is our ability to see, feel and hear while sustaining a sense of where we are. In other words we want to use all of our senses to interpret what we are walking on whether its grass, carpeting, or a wood floor and allow or body to make adjustments accordingly. More importantly, however, we want to use our full body awareness to completely tune in to our surroundings without losing sight of our destination. READ MORE

How is your tai chi foundation?

‘It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.’ David Allen Coe

Think about how important a sturdy foundation is when it comes to a comfortable home. If it is poorly constructed your house will eventually tumble to the ground. Think about your automobile mechanic who spends years learning how to repair engines. Without a competent mechanic who is well educated in the foundation of automobile repair your car would fail to run smoothly and would eventually stop running all together. More importantly, think about your family physician that spends years at college gaining a medical foundation then many more years as an intern so he can provide the best medical guidance for you and your family. Where would we be without proper medical care? READ MORE

Tai chi principles offer a path to follow, not necessarily a road to take

Bruce Lee once said ‘obey the principles without being bound by them.’ He was referring to his martial art method which he refused to call a ‘style.’ He believed that a martial art should conform based on the circumstances, should be spontaneous and that one’s actions are direct expressions of feelings, thus movements are simple and direct. In essence one learns the principles and follows the road, but also practices outside of those rules, on the path or ‘off-road.’  READ MORE