How is your tai chi foundation?

‘It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.’ David Allen Coe

Think about how important a sturdy foundation is when it comes to a comfortable home. If it is poorly constructed your house will eventually tumble to the ground. Think about your automobile mechanic who spends years learning how to repair engines. Without a competent mechanic who is well educated in the foundation of automobile repair your car would fail to run smoothly and would eventually stop running all together. More importantly, think about your family physician that spends years at college gaining a medical foundation then many more years as an intern so he can provide the best medical guidance for you and your family. Where would we be without proper medical care? READ MORE

Tai chi principles offer a path to follow, not necessarily a road to take

Bruce Lee once said ‘obey the principles without being bound by them.’ He was referring to his martial art method which he refused to call a ‘style.’ He believed that a martial art should conform based on the circumstances, should be spontaneous and that one’s actions are direct expressions of feelings, thus movements are simple and direct. In essence one learns the principles and follows the road, but also practices outside of those rules, on the path or ‘off-road.’  READ MORE