Tai Chi testimonials

IMG_2274_WTCDHere are a couple tai chi student testimonials:

“I have always wanted to learn Tai Chi. I would see people doing it, and it looked so lyrical; poetic. I have been lucky to have (the Wellness Center instructors) teach me…. It is the one class I feel brings me inner peace and serenity. I cannot think about anything else while concentrating on the Tai Chi moves, which is good. It has been a great blessing to learn and I hope to continue to learn and improve with time.”


“When I practice Tai Chi at home, stiff joints loosen up and I feel grounded as my mind settles into the movements.  It brings me to a state of calm alertness.  Tai Chi is a mental workout as well as a physical one.”


World Tai Chi Day 2015

IMG_5204_WTCDCome join us to celebrate World Tai Chi Day 2015. We are celebrating at RWJ Hamilton Fitness & Wellness on Saturday, April 25th from noon to 1pm (due to studio availability we cannot start at 10 am). Please visit my site for more information www.taichilee.com