Flow with the use of circles in your life

‘Go with the flow’ and ‘just let go.’ We’ve probably all heard these expressions many times in our lives but have we been effective in actually ‘going with the flow’? To be sure, it’s not easy all the orange yinyang2time to detach from events that occur in our daily lives whether good or bad. Sometimes the little things are the most difficult to shake off. Even insignificant and silly things can happen and we can’t seem to let go of them.  READ MORE


Like yin and yang, our nation must change

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, our nation and the world mourns the senseless loss of innocent young children and heroic teachers. We hang our heads in sadness but also in shame. As a united nation, we have a moral obligation to revisit and amend our constitutional right ttwofisheso bear arms. Just as the tai chi two fishes diagram symbolizes balance and change, we must now search for a nonpartisan and expeditious solution to the gun laws in our country.  READ MORE